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We Design and Build Systems for Any Situation

The foundation of any household automation system is the network. A well-built network will be reliable and work with both wired and wireless devices both inside and outside your home.

Together with our sister company MyNetworX, an internet service provider, we design and build a secure home network using business grade equipment. Seamlessly connect to your wifi no matter how large your house is. Even connect in your yard without hassle.

Enjoy the convenience of having only one servicing company for all your automation, security, network and internet needs. Many small problems can be taken care of remotely, meaning you won’t need to wait for a service technician. A single phone call will fix most problems with your network.


Stay Connected and Secure

Do you notice that there are weak areas in your home where your smart devices are slow or not fully operational? Is your network safe from foreign intrusion? We will design, integrate and manage your network along with supplying you Internet from our partner company MyNetworX. We provide the most current security encryption available and make sure all your devices stay online anywhere in your home.

Enterprise Network Infrastructure

With a very strong background in this industry, we are more than qualified to help design and build even the most integral network infrastructures for any situation.

Rural/Mobile Solutions

Anyone who has property in a rural area knows the pain of poor internet connectivity. Well those days are over, with the advancements in technology we are able to offer affordable solutions to get you a great connection wherever you may be located, even where there is no DSL or cable internet available.

Cell Boosters

Many buildings are made from materials that block cell signals causing connection weak spots, slow data and cell reception, and dropped calls. Larger buildings like hospitals, campuses, malls, and multi tenant buildings often experience even slower connectivity and dead zones due to their size. Cell boosters from WilsonPro and Uniden Cellular offer affordable solutions for improving cellular reception for residential and commercial buildings.
Cell signal boosters amplify weak or blocked signals and brings the signal indoors. An external antenna is used to capture the signal outside the building, send it to an inside antenna and amplify it throughout all areas. Cell boosters improve reception on all carriers, and provide better coverage, enhanced call quality, faster data transfers, reliable security, and seamless connectivity.

How A Cellular Amplifier Works

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Internet Fail-Over

In our busy lives, who can afford to have internet downtimes? Whether you’re a business with a POS payment system, or a student with a big project due, gain peace of mind with multiple fail-over options including: Cable, DSL & Cellular solutions.

DSL Bonding

Aggregating DSL lines together is a great solution for rural areas or businesses that need a powerful & reliable internet connection. It’s the best way to get fast speeds in areas where there isn't a current internet infrastructure or where fiber is unavailable. We can bond up to 12 DSL lines if necessary.

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Take it Outside

We can safely extend your network outdoors with outdoor access points that stay outdoors 12 months of the year. We can create a strong, safe reliable network outdoors for all of your devices. Why not take all of your media and entertainment abilities outside too?

Our Networking