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Case Studies

Read our wide range of case studies to learn about our scope of service and how we can find a customized solution to any problem. If you aren't sure if we are able to help with your project, give us a call or send us an email to find out.




PDQ Restaurants with LumaStream

Problem: PDQ restaurants wanted a welcoming dining atmosphere and to improve their energy efficiency while keeping their existing light fixtures.

Solution: LumaStream retrofitted original architectural fixtures to work with their unique low-voltage distribution platform for LEDs

Results: The LumaStream low voltage lighting system reduced costs and maintenance time while maximizing the customer experience.

Ulele Restaurant and Spring Brewery
with LumaStream

Problem: To protect the historic significance of the building, while giving it a new purpose as an iconic Tampa destination restaurant. The owners wanted to allow customers to be able to experience a nightly Florida sunset from inside.

Solution: LumaStream designed a turnkey lighting system that meets the most stringent energy efficiency standards and worked with the contractors and architects to ensure the building maintained it’s historic status. As for viewing the sunset, LumaStream’s low- voltage distribution technology eliminates issues with LED flicker, allowing for seamless transitional dimming as the night progresses.

Results: Since it’s opening, Ulele has received tremendous press, both for the food and ambiance. There has been an outpouring of excitement from the community for it’s potential to revitalize this previously neglected portion of Tampa’s waterfront.


Recording, Monitoring and Security


The Torridon Hotel with Mobotix

Problem: To install a well-regarded analogue CCTV system in The Torridon Hotel where parts of the building are nearly 150 years old. Physical appearance and placement of the cameras had to be taken into consideration.

Solution: By using innovative MOBOTIX hemispheric technologies, fewer cameras could to be used to discreetly cover large areas.

Results: Monitoring of the hotel could be achieved with just 20 MOBOTIX cameras, including thermal imaging cameras in the car park area.

Fanshawe College with Axis

Problem: Fanshawe uses clinical simulations to provide realistic training, these sessions are recorded so students can reflect on and review their performance afterwards. The college needed a simplified solution that could deliver high-definition video synched with a crystal-clear soundtrack..

Solution: To use an IP-based solution featuring HDTV-quality fixed dome Axis cameras, Axis omni-directional microphones, and AXIS video management system. Each simulation room was outfitted with four to six cameras and each camera was paired with its own high performance microphone.

Results: The Axis camera solution provides high quality audio and video that gives valuable insight to students during their learning and development. Based on this success, the system is being expanded to all simulation rooms at the college.


Motorized Shades


Astor Place with Lutron

Problem: To maintain the magnificent view of the New York skyline, but also provide relief from harsh sun glare and provide privacy at night.

Solution: A dual-shade arrangement pairs two different shades to reduce glare, preserve views, provide privacy, or create a complete blackout as needed. Each window contains a sheer, fiberglass basketweave with a 10% openness factor to maintain views while limiting glare.

Results: The low-voltage control system provides quiet operation, the shades maintain the unique look of the building, and provide protection.