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Home Automation

Home automation can simplify and coordinate the control of all your home systems including Entertainment, Lighting, Automated Blinds, Security, and Climate. Bring together all the various systems that make your house run and have total control over those systems from one convenient dashboard that you can access either in your home or while you’re away.
We provide home automation design and management for your complete project, we design all hardware to be in one central location to simplify install and ensure that everything is connected. Even during your vacation we can allow notifications of temperature changes, alarms, timed lighting and more. Helping you relax knowing that you won't have to stress about your home.

home automation integration with no wires


Although all your home’s systems will be connected, you won’t see any unsightly wires or other infrastructure. All work is integrated seamlessly into your home’s decor, making it as tasteful as it is convenient.

Wall Acne

Update your automation system to get rid of all the switches, dimmers, thermostats, and security devices taking up your wall space. Go from a cluttered “wall acne” look to a sleek simplistic wall with just one easy to use interface for all your home controls.
Have as many interfaces throughout your home as needed - one in each room or just one for each floor, it’s completely up to you. From each touch screen you can control anything in any room.

Multiple Wall Switches vs Crestron Automation Interface
home automation controls on a Crestron tablet


Adjust your home’s temperature automatically based on your routines; have lights turn off or on automatically based on whether people are in a room or not. Close and open shades, gates, or your garage door remotely. Turn your alarm off and on and lock and unlock doors even while your away. You can also create custom scene settings, so that with a push of a button or a voice command, lights, shades, electronics, and doors will all react automatically to a pre-defined setting.

'Goodnight' Automated Setting

'Movie Time' Automated Setting

Peace of Mind

Get updates about what is happening in your home while you are away. See who is at your door and give them access if you need to. No more stolen parcels from your front porch!

baby monitoring footage on touchscreen

Intercom Anywhere (Notifications, Intercom and Lock Control)

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