low voltage LED smart lights

The best way to brighten your day

Proper lighting can enhance and help maximize space. We can implement a design using high efficiency, low voltage LED lighting in a variety of styles to suit any decor. We provide hardware that will allow you to customize everything about your lights from color, brightness, motion detection, and more.

Put a spotlight on your works of art, alter how the dimensions of your house are perceived, have complete illumination for tasks around the home and enjoy enhanced yard and home security with proper home lighting.


Program your smart lights to come on and shut off at certain times, set up motion sensors to have lights turn on when you enter a room or create custom scenes so that at the touch of a button multiple lights change to a pre-defined setting (Bedtime, Movie night, Dinner etc...). Program lights while at home or remotely. You can even create a vacation mode so the lights come on intermittently when you are away.

Crestron tablet home automation control
house with outside smart lighting

Emergency Services Lighting

Connect your smart lights to the security system. Have certain lights flash off and on when the alarm is triggered to help deter would-be intruders and guide emergency services to your home quickly.


Set the mood and complement your decor with high efficiency, low voltage LED lighting in a variety of styles. If you have existing automated or conventional lighting systems, we can integrate most of them into your new Custom Sound & Vision smart lighting system.

kitchen with low voltage LED smart lighting
Couch - warm light
Table, chairs and bookshelf - bright light

Feng Shui

Harmonize your home by creating different light settings for different rooms. Different light temperatures are optimal for different activities. Create a warmer light temperature for leisure or entertainment rooms while creating a cooler light temperature in rooms used for work or study when you need to be focused and alert. Our tunable white light solutions are ideal; creating the perfect ‘focus’ or ‘relaxation’ lighting.

The last thing you want when trying to relax are lights that are too bright and irritating keeping you alert and wide awake. Create a comfortable, relaxing, and cozy atmosphere with a warm lighting scene, allowing you to release the stress of the day.

When light temperature is too warm in rooms where you are trying to focus and get things done, it often starts putting you to sleep, making you tired and less productive. You need light that is bright and cool enough to keep you alert and active without hurting your eyes or giving you a headache.

White Light

Use smart, tunable, low voltage, white LED lights that adjust throughout the day so your inside light is consistent with the light outdoors. See colours the way they were meant to be seen, even when you’re inside. Best of all, get all that and save money, too.

tunable white smart lighting in walk in closet
living room with low voltage LED smart lighting


With LumaStream and Crestron we can change the light temperature throughout the day. This is very important for ones circadian rhythm and this system is implemented in new health centers for people who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It is proven that by adjusting the light temperature throughout the day people suffering from these diseases become less irritable throughout the day and have a better nights rest. We can offer this system by Crestron Solar Sync which measures the light temperature through the day and makes adjustments in your own home as the day progresses.


Lumastream lighting is a completely different smart lighting system that uses a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent lights and has a high Colour Rendering Index.

We can create a 2D or 3D rendering for you of how your home will look with Lumastream lights before you make a decision. Learn More >

These lights truly represent the next generation of lighting. Using much less power, they give your home a true pop in colour. Once you see the difference, you’ll want Lumastream in your home.

living room with low voltage LED smart lighting

Light Design

Want to see what your space will look like before you move forward?
With LumaStream we can show you 2D and 3D renderings of where the lights will be placed, what kind of lights would be installed, and how much light is needed for each room.
We can also retrofit your existing fixtures so you keep the same style and design, but gain a better lighting quality.

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