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Mobile Control

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your entire integrated smart home system from your mobile phone or tablet. All systems can be connected and controlled by one central dashboard, including:

  • Lighting
  • Shades
  • Climate
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Audio & Visual Entertainment

Connect While Away

A smart phone can connect us with everyone in life and now your home as well. Offering options that can allow notifications from your security/surveillance system for deliveries at your front door.
We are able to program your phone or tablet to be your universal remote, ensuring that you will always be able to control your devices. Even on vacation you will still be able to maintain control on your smart home systems.
You have the ability to check the status of your home and its systems from anywhere. Smart doors can be unlocked and locked, security systems can be armed and disarmed, remotely and securely. Raise or lower blinds, adjust climate control and lighting, or see who is ringing your doorbell. The cameras can also be monitored in real time, from anywhere the homeowner has internet access.

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Intercom Anywhere (Notifications, Intercom and Lock Control)

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Controlling an automated home with a smartphone or tablet is a simple and convenient way of monitoring the status of your home. Unlike many of the smart home devices that rely on their own applications, our systems have unified control. Lighting, shading, climate, security and the rest of the automated home are available in a single, easy to use smart home mobile control application. This, and more can be customized to your preferences to be as simple as possible to ensure convenience every time you wish to watch TV or listen to music.


With Crestron you can use their app to control everything in your home from anywhere you have WiFi. Make every-day life easier by connecting all your devices with one smart home mobile control system.
Control all your home automation systems throughout your entire house from any room. You can check all your home systems even when away, make sure you've locked the doors, turned off the lights, and check security cameras from wherever you are.

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