Modern bedroom with motorized blinds

Control all your blinds
with a single remote.

Motorized shades can help play a part in the lighting and climate of your home. Choose how much light you let into your home and at what times with customized settings.
With a variety of different styles, colors, fabrics and opacity you will be sure to find the perfect shades for each room in your home.


Help control the climate in your home and save furniture from getting sun faded. Motorized shades can be programmed according to time, routine, outside lighting conditions or temperature.

roman shades
orange shades matching room decor

Design and Color Matching

We offer a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles including traditional roller shades, roman shades and drapes. With Crestron custom color matching on roller shades you can have your shades match your bedroom decor.
Want to use your own fabric for roman shades and drapes? No problem! We can do that, too.

Crestron Color Match

Light Amount

Pick the right shades for how much light you want to let into each room. Choose from complete black-out shades that let in no light, to translucent shades (1%-3% light), or transparent (3% - 17%).
You can also have multiple shades installed on a single window to be able to change the brightness of the room and let in more or less light as you choose.

dual motorized blinds - different transparency
black out motorized blinds in bedroom


Have the best of both worlds in your bedroom with double rollers. Easily change from only minimal shade to complete darkness.
You can let in as little or as much light as you want.


You can now control any of your blinds from a single button. Motorized shades can be programmed to automatically open and close in conjunction with sunrise and sunset, or be set to a schedule. They can also trigger to temperature, return home, or leave settings.

Crestron remote with shades settings displayed
tablet with motorized blinds controls and feedback image


With our motorized shades controller interfaces, you can see real-time feedback of your shade’s movement. Watch on your screen to determine how open or closed your shades are without having to be in the room. Watch them lower or raise and, with the tap of a finger, change their direction or even make them stop a certain distance down the window.

No Noise

Crestron’s specially designed motorized shades beat out all competitors simply for noise - or lack there of. The motors are made with Quiet Motor Technology, providing a noiseless execution. Don’t worry about disrupting guests, waking up your young ones, or setting off your dogs with noisy rollers and shades.
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