backyard table with wine

Create your own getaway

Expand your living areas to the outdoors. Advance your backyard entertaining and hosting abilities with customized lighting plans and outdoor TVs and speakers. Create beautiful and comfortable areas outside your home to relax or entertain.

Woman on laptop outside

Connect Outside

Tired of having connection issues when you go into your backyard? We can safely extend your network outdoors with outdoor access points that stay outdoors 12 months of the year. We can create a strong, safe reliable network outdoors for all of your devices. Why not take all of your media and entertainment abilities outside too?


Whether you're having a barbecue, dinner party, playing lawn games or watching movies outside, including audio/music enhances any activity.

Incorporate the joys of music into your backyard getaway with outdoor speakers that can be as visible or as out of sight as you want. Speakers can blend right into your décor.

speaker by pool
outdoor TV and seating area

Outdoor Viewing

Having a movie night but feel guilty because it’s such a beautiful night outside? Have that movie night right in your backyard. Connect TVs outside and create a backyard viewing area.

Start off your day with an enjoyable morning outside. You can watch the news on your back deck in the fresh air before you start your hectic workday.


Create a relaxing atmosphere with adjustable area lighting. Change the color and brightness depending on the time of day or activity.

lights illuminating trees and stairs
stair lights

Spotlight areas

Light the way along your garden path or patio stairs to ensure visibility at night. Help bring attention to specific parts of your backyard or garden with designated spotlights or accent lighting.

Mosquito Screens

Don't let the mosquitoes drive you inside, we can offer you manual or motorized/automated insect screens that would eliminate any poor evening outdoors on your deck or cabana.

front porch with bug screen
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