MOBOTIX Security camera

Security & Monitoring

Gain invaluable peace of mind knowing that your home is safe with a home security system from our sister company Kastem Security Solutions Inc. We install Kastem security systems for residential, commercial, industrial and retail buildings.

Reliable Security

Being able to know that your property is protected at all times is something we take pride in. Starting from the design of the system we listen and work with your requests about security and surveillance systems. Using the top brands we guarantee reliability with minimal service.

Mobotix Outdoor Camera
Mobotix Outdoor Vandalism Camera

Weather Resistance/Durability

MOBOTIX cameras are made with a weatherproof housing, making them reliable in the harshest of environmental conditions. They require no heating or cooling and are protected against high humidity levels, corrosion, pollutants and sunlight. Some of the camera options are even bullet proof for high risk areas.

MOBOTIX cameras are able to record in very low light conditions by controlling exposure, making sure you are protected throughout the night when lighting may not be ideal. Keep your cameras effectively recording quality video through any outdoor condition with MOBOTIX.

Customized for you

Customized to your requests we can design a home security system to fit your needs. Whether you require complete video monitoring and card access or a simple intrusion alarm system we are able to provide the best systems possible.

door key pad and camera options
security system from mobile

Peace of mind

All of our systems are designed with remote access available, ensuring that you will always be able to ensure the safety of your property. You will be be able to control your home security system, security lights, video doorbell, monitoring system and more, all remotely through your mobile phone. Have access even when you are away on vacation so you can leave the worrying behind.

Intercom Anywhere (Notifications, Intercom and Lock Control)

Thermal Imaging
and Motion Analysis

Using thermal imaging from MOBOTIX allows you to register anything resembling a human figure even in complete darkness, over 100 meters away. Their technology reads the heat, size, position and movement of objects to reduce false alarms from things like tree branches and animals.
Set up preventative measures for fires and other accidents by setting your system so send you a message automatically if the overall temperature changes from a specified range.

Thermal Camera

Mobotix Camera Figure Detection

Smoker Detection and Alarm

Thermal Fever Detection

Thermal Camera at Waste Depot

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