Crestron Integrator

System Update
And Recovery

Make sure you have the best features and settings by staying up to date with your home automation system. Keep your system functioning at the best of its ability and running in the most efficient and simplest ways for your convenience.

Manufacturer Rebates

There are manufacturer rebates available for existing automation system owners. If you already have an existing Crestron or Control4 automation system in your home but it is 5 – 10 years old, we can offer you a new and up to date version for a discounted price. Update your home system to keep everything running to the best of its ability and take advantage of the newest features and controls.

Crestron touch screen and remote
home automation system repair

Home Automation Repair

If you have a home automation system in place that has been installed incorrectly, is too complicated, broken, or doesn’t work properly anymore we will come and either repair, or replace it. We will make sure the system is set up properly and easy to use.

Wall Acne

Update your automation system to get rid of all the switches, dimmers, thermostats, and security devices taking up your wall space. Go from a cluttered “wall acne” look to a sleek simplistic wall with just one easy to use interface for all your home controls. Have as many interfaces throughout your home as needed - one in each room or just one for each floor, it’s completely up to you. From each touch screen you can control anything in any room.

Multiple wall switches vs Crestron interface
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